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These short articles are a resource for the worship leader (all who are up front are worship leaders) and songwriters. They are not necessarily ‘just what’s on my mind today’ blogs but instead full of timeless information.

There is a category with a single post -Who Am I?- that serves as a brief introduction to where I am today and how I got here.

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If you’re looking for original worship songs for your church, they are here and free for you to use. Lead sheets, chord and lyric sheets are also available there. Click on the Worship Songs link on the right.

If you’re here to listen and possibly use a wider variety of original, God-centered songs, click on the Song Catalog link to the right to get to a page with unique links to pages for each song. All songs are full-length, please enjoy. But please download and purchase for personal uses. Each song page gives the song description, lyrics and an embedded player.

If you’re a music manager or publishing agent, there is a link to licensing information in the left-hand navigation of each song page. Please contact me at songs at solidwalnut dot com with any questions or comments.

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