luck (n.)
late 15c. from M.Du. luc, shortening of gheluc “happiness, good fortune,” of unknown origin. Related to M.H.G. g(e)lücke, Ger. Glück “fortune, good luck.” Perhaps first borrowed in English as a gambling term. To be down on (one’s) luck is from 1832; to be in luck is from 1900; to push (one’s) luck is from 1911. Good luck as a salutation to one setting off to do something is from 1805. Expression better luck next time attested from 1802. Taken from

This is an extension of the thought of ‘luck’ as written in my post Reveling in the Call from the Heart. The opening of that post talks about an interview I read with a songwriter who said that his successes have come though luck and following his heart. I just gave a short sentence saying, “let’s get ‘luck’ out of the way: luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. This post is a companion to that one. It expands in a similar, but different way. This one expands on ‘luck’.

As a person after the heart of God, I find that the etymology of the word ‘luck’ takes on an expanded definition. Or to say it another way, I find that the etymology of the word (happiness, good fortune) is an inadequate explanation for the feeling conjured. The word conjures thoughts of an unguided, unfounded happiness that somehow comes to us; it tells us that maybe a necessary component is gaining more money for happiness.

There’s a ton of sweat equity in songwriting. Many times dissapointing. But there’s really not much glory given to God by not preparing and honing the skills! As the saying goes, ‘luck’ is when preparation meets opportunity. There’s the type of unskilled luck at the casino table and then there’s the times when preparation meets opportunity. Songwriting needs to be about when preparation meets opportunity. Those chances where there are possibilities for success in songwriting come as God opens doors and you are giving God the complete glory for how he has bestowed upon you this magnificent gift. I’m sure, in God’s timing and will, that He would like to see each of us have successes. But how can we not ‘put on the armour of God’ for spiritual warfare and not also understand this to mean to be well prepared for the opportunities ahead of us in the battlefield of life and songwriting!!

God’s will for our success in songwriting, or any aspect of life, is when preparation meets opportunity. Luck is blind chance. Becoming a good songwriter is not. I mean, there’s a certain aspect of casino-table-type luck where you or your song is just going to be in the right place at the write time, but are you willing to stake your entire songwriting career on that?? Be prepared. Looking like a serious songwriter will take you far.