No Perfect People Allowed

No perfect people allowed: do away with religious guilt

I’m really quite glad to be away from organized religion, myself. Religion is a man-made attempt at reaching God. One that has really failed utterly to grasp the real issues; one that has failed miserably to understand the mission of Jesus and rather has made rules and regulation their religion; one that has literally made murder and tortures of all forms acceptable; has failed utterly in embracing science as what science was originally, and still is: man’s attempt to recognize and glorify God.

There really is an alternative to the face-off between organized religion, a.k.a ‘Christianity’ and the ‘until-you-proove-it-to-me-with-evidence’ religion called ‘Science’ that many ascibe themselves to. Both of these sides are not facing reality and are chasing the man-made illusion that either have got ‘the answer’. Who are we that we think we have got it all figured out??

I believe that if you get to know Jesus for who he really was, studying his words and actions and understanding the background of the God of the bible and the God of the bible’s reality, that it can change your life forever. It’s not about religion. It’s about a relationship with God. And God says it’s about our relationships with each other. Nothing more.

Not possible because there aren’t any real facts? Find out for yourself. Research whether or not the Ressurrection was possible. Confused on why the church and science split during ‘the age of enlightenment’? Easy to see how the church became dominant and fueled hatred. Easy to see how scientists turned away from a church that would not embrace them. We are all one through Christ. Christ is perfect, we are not. God is sovereign over the earth, man made church is not.

Plenty of research out there to keep your mind busy with this. You can embrace God and learn of his promises for your life without losing your identity. You can begin to understand how God is not a genie in a bottle to grant your every wish and to make the world a perfect place. You can begin to see the differences between what God has promised and what the ‘Christian’ church says in it’s press releases.

Religious guilt? Stop attempting to be perfect. Only Christ was perfect, and that’s what counts. No perfect people allowed. Just be humble and lay at his feet.