The Call from the Heart and from God in Songwriting

The call from the heart and from God is to relax and simply perform as I must in order to travel down the path that was created for me.

This is not unique to any other type of calling in the life of an individual. But it can seem in the arts that the passion of performing as one is called by God vs. the pull of other responsibilities and activities in life can be a struggle particularly full of angst due to the input and filtering of the messages of the world vs. the messages from the heart and from God.

A very large creator of angst in the songwriting and music industry is the angst created by the real and fabricated ‘fame, fortune and freedom’ that we see on TV and read in the news. No matter how humble many of us are, there is a tug on us that wants a piece of that action. We want to know how to get some of that. That’s only natural for us, I suppose.

But I’m not writing this to delve in to all of the possible issues and feelings of that angst other than how it can relate to us as songwriters. And we are songwriters that, in our estimation, are on the outside looking in. How can we participate in this business of songwriting and be successful?

Some of the first questions we have to ask ourselves are about the definition of success and the direction you want to take as a songwriter. Look for resources that can help answer this for YOU. Pray and spend time with God in finding answers. Are you writing for an audience of only One? Do you write songs with the intention of having them sung at church? Are your songs destined to be sung by a popular artist? Are the lyrics and music you’re writing for the purpose of you getting out and performing?

The definition of success is a topic of it’s own and deserves a separate written blog or article. But let’s simply define success in the eyes of God as one word: obey. That’s what we’re called to do, to obey Him and to focus first on the kingdom. Focusing on the kingdom means that we are to praise God, number one, and change lives, number two. Kingdom success.

The direction you want to take as a songwriter is something that may be a separate consideration from kingdom success. But everything should be measured against kingdom success first. Then it’s time to define your direction. Each direction will give you different answers as to how to proceed. For example, if you believe that your calling is to write strictly for an audience of One and it’s unlikely your lyrics would ever sung by another man or woman, then honing the craft towards an earthly target audience may be a waste of your time. If you are writing with the intention of getting songs sung at church, you now have more than God in your audience. The songs now need to be sung and need to be repeatable by the congregation. To have your song recorded by other artists requires an enhanced approach. Focusing on getting out and performing requires another plan. Each direction deserves individual consideration as to the skill set needed.

We can expand on the individual topics of the skill sets needed later. The call from the heart and from God for your life, songwriting, is a simple song of it’s own. It’s a song that needs to be nurtured and expressed by you in conjunction with the call. It’s a song that is as individual as is your relationship with the Father. Relax and perform it as only you can. Commune with the Father to continually discover the path that He has for you.