Music publishing: What Are Your Goals?

I would never suppose that any songwriter or artist should take the tac that I am taking.  But I might encourage them to look into how I’m handling it, at least for food for thought!

What are my goals as far as music publishing?  Well, in this case, my overall goals in songwriting include the self-publication of my music. So my overall goals belong here in this mission statement:

To be true to the call I have in writing songs for God.  To be true to the call that these songs will be edifying to the body of Christ. To help other writers along the path.  Kingdom ethics, considerations and relationships are first.  Money is second. 

I want to accomplish these goals by pursuing the following:

1) Become the best songwriter I can be.  Take songwriting course(s), read books and  complete exercises as well as create relationships with other songwriters.  Attend seminars when possible.

2) Become an efficient music publisher.  Be as prepared as I can be in administrating my song catalog.  Dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s legally.  Offer publishing services to a few other songwriters (be the exploitation publisher for some, administrating publisher for others).

3) Create a tight branding for my publishing company (stay and create within my niche in the songwriting world, use the same visuals in advertisements, be known for creating respectful relationships).  Create the right relationships and connections to get my songs in front of the right people.

I can’t ask if you agree with these or not, because that doesn’t matter.  What does matter, though are your comments or questions (if you feel like giving them).