Rise Above the Herd Mentality

How is it that I am called to rise above the herd mentality (click to read my interpretation of The Herd Mentality or scroll/search to find)? There are certainly ways in which we can, in general, build each other up in these ways and hold each other accountable. But there are also ways of finding out how we are individually called to rise above the herd and to lead. Jesus is our guide for both.

Throughout the the upper story in the bible of how God had planned for us to be returned to his family, we read how God is so holy and so pure that none can look upon His presence and live. His holiness, His righteousness, is so powerful that we cannot live in human flesh terms and be in front of him because of our fallen nature. His purity, which is Love, and his sense of selflessness is beyond our understanding due to our condition of separation from God.

The lower story of how we as a community of people have risen and fallen in our attempts to seek God, but that the only way to seek Him and be re-united with Him is through the person of Jesus, IS within our power to understand!! Whenever I get into a conversation about ‘Christianity is this or that’, I need to always remember to just point people and the conversation to Jesus as quickly as possible!

So, in my own life, how do I rise above the herd mentality? How can I connect personally with God and learn to share His ways? I think that a big part of the answer is one that is common to all of us: spend time in getting to know the word of God. Learn to put on the Armor of God as told by Paul as we, “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God” in Ephesians 6. Spend time understanding His story so we can begin to understand our own story and how we can reconnect with Him and with others.

One of the areas where I am really weak is consistenly finding quiet time to commune with God. I do ‘ok’, but it could always be better. My prayer for me and for all of us today is that we can learn to spend time necessary to understand the role that God has in mind for us. To spend individual time with God and in learning His words of life and learning to take them to our hearts is a great way to connect in to that flow and to begin to rise above the herd mentality.