Worship Leaders All

When we generally hear the term ‘worship leader’, we think of the man or the woman who is up front and leading us in song or in a time of worship in the Sunday service. But I think we’re all called to lead worship. Some publicly, some in homes and other intimate settings. We’re all called to learn to be better persons though the learning about the grace offered through Jesus. Learning of, and taking to heart, His story of grace makes us stronger as individuals, just by a consequence of the act alone. We’re all called to share this story of grace with the world.

We’re all called to share this story of grace with the world in the ways in which we’ve been called. But don’t think for a moment that your part of leadership is not as important as someone else’s. This is why Paul tells us that all the parts of the body work together to make the whole body of Christ.

If we have a family, we’re all called to be worship leaders to the members of our family in certain ways. We are called by Jesus to be salt and light in the world, and that requires each one of us to take stock and discover how we are gifted or how we are to be leaders. To do our part in our families, whether that be learning to be better men or women of God in the marriage relationship; to do our part as children and to be open to instruction from our parent so we can be equipped to do battle as an adult in the world or whether we’re called to be salt and light at work when a co-worker is being maligned, we are all called to be leaders of proclaiming and exclaiming the truth in love.

We lead each other in worship when we obey the call of each of us to become well-equipped parts of the body of Christ.